Unrivalled support, sensible MOQ’s and own brand packaging

Blue Canyon carefully develop, source and distribute bathroom accessories and homewares. We value the needs of independent retailers and understand the challenges that you face with high MOQ’s and respective pricing.

We endeavour to provide a supply and service to our clients that is more tailored to their needs, meaning that lower MOQ’s are possible.  We can discuss your needs and tailor our supply to better meet this, ensuring your shelves are full of large ranges of products without the large MOQ’s that would normally be associated with them.

In an industry where delivery times can sometimes be frustrating, Blue Canyon work to be more efficient and effective in our supply chain, meaning better delivery times on orders and a stock level that enables us to deliver.

  • Sensible MOQ’s
  • Efficient delivery lead-times
  • Large stock levels
  • Experienced sales representatives
  • Time saving account management


Quality products complemented by exceptional customer service is key to our success.

Enhanced point of sale packaging that is consistent in quality and is supported by our commitment to producing clients’ own packaging under their own brand if required.

Our policy on sensible MOQ’s is a service that is greatly received by our clients who wish to have a wide range of bathroom accessories and homeware products on their shelves without the need to over purchase on stock.  Our clients are valued, and we always endeavour to work with them and the needs of their target markets.  We offer a delivery service that is considered quicker than what is normally expected and a warehousing facility that allows us to meet this.

Our sales team continue to bring new products and ideas to our clients, who find this to be a valuable asset to our service and to how they stock their shelves. With such variety of products available to choose from, it can be challenging to decide what the best range is to suit. Our sales team are well informed and greatly experienced in what sells and complementing pieces to cross-sell and bring profitable advice to our independent retail clients.